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mental wellbeing with our


"Alanna Powell works to inspire strength and build and encourage self-confidence. She provides people with the necessary tools required to live an abundant life, and she also leads by example."

- Scott Haggerty, Alameda County Supervisor

What is the Boldly Me Academy?

The Boldly Me Academy is an online educational program that provides the tools people need to improve social and behavioral health, build self-esteem, develop coping mechanisms for life's challenges and empower themselves to live their lives to their fullest unique potential.

Our signature course, Social-Emotional Well-being, is a Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) program.


How Our Academy Helps School Teachers, Administrators & Homeschool Educators (K-12)

Our K-12 Social-Emotional Well-being program was created in collaboration with K-12 teachers, educators, school district administrators, licensed psychologists and other medical experts to ensure our methods were appropriate for school-age students and followed mandated government standards.

Our program complies with the US Department of Education's Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Our program was also designed using data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS).

Find out more on our K-12 Program Page.

Founder Alanna Powell Introduces the Academy

"What Boldly Me offers is the missing piece that cannot be measured through testing, but makes all the difference."

- Shannon Keehan, Psychologist, Westmont High School



To educate, mentor and support individuals so they can

achieve their own unique potential.

Introducción - La historia de Alanna

Our Academy Curriculum also Comes in Spanish!